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Gallery 259 began as a physical entity in November 2014. For nearly four years it was as a working photography gallery with a passion for analogue processes and especially 19th century photographic processes. It had real walls and doors that opened every weekend.


A bit of a rare bird in a country that is historically and in a contemporary time space well removed from the powerhouse continents where the inventors and innovators in the developing story of photography resided.


The challenge with that  distance is that we are also removed from the major supply houses that still provide education, materials and resources for people and places who remain committed to and passionate about analogue processes, both historic and modern.


After four years of weekends and open doors Gallery259 closed in September 2016 and began a journey towards becoming a mobile analogue entity. You can read about the changes the Gallery259 Analogue Resistance Mag Vol. 5. Link below.


Gallery259 is the passionate dream of Graham Hughes who has always been interested in the road less taken and 2019 will be the year of fruition around Gallery259 dreams.

The Analogue Resistance Mag Vol. 5 (with more info on the Gallery259 journey)


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